Thursday, September 19, 2019

Art Up Date


Accepted To: True Likeness - Portrait and Figure exhibit at the New Mexico Art League. 

These three figurative pieces have been accepted for the upcoming show...

Did this in the last century

Recent, 20 min. black and white charcoal.

Recent, 20 min. black and white charcoal.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

There Will Be Flesh


Recent Figure Work

Single session this week with two models. Had just 4 hours to work on this so chose charcoal on white paper. Lamented not having soft white pastel to clean up some of the highlights.



Recent Figure Work

Last session with this model. I liked the process of drawing on museum board then shellacking the drawing but need the third week to get further along.



Recent Figure Work

Top image from this week’s efforts. Pencil with red and black charcoal on paper.  Will coat with shellac and go at the color next week.

Been having issues with my bifocal lenses. Stepping in to work the details through the lower half has been producing a 10-20 percent increase in that area. Below is the previous week where I tried to correct the head and arm away from the sessions then gave up and painted out the enlarged arm. Went at the redrawing with paint today until it just got too gooey painting into the whites out area.



Recent Figure Work

A single session pose this week.

The desired crop



Recent Figure Work

Third session of three. Never enough time...



Recent Figure Work

Second session of three. Painted out the head and did a white wash over the charcoal drawing and decided to go with a tonal brush drawing to lock in the pose...


Recent Figure Work

New session of three weeks...

Red and grey charcoal on gessoed board.


Recent Figure Work

Third and final session...



Recent Figure Work

Slowly I paint, inch by inch, step by step...
(session two of three)



Recent Figure Work

Shaking things up with a costumed model...
The configuration of these session is three weeks costumed
 three weeks nude, belly dancer this series.   



Recent Figure Work

Not sure I'm learning what to do right just yet but I think I am learning what not to do...

Two 3 hour sessions oil on 14x18 gessoed panel



Recent Figure Work

Brought the larger format paper (18x14), haven't
worked big for a while...

All images here cropped from 18 x24 in paper.



Recent Figure Work

A mixed bag of fountain pen, ball point, pencil, charcoal, times may vary...

Fountain pen with new to me gray ink, finally found a dot black gray, hooray! 

At left, two longer poses, same pen. To right, ballpoint pen.

20 Min. pose black and white charcoal 



Recent Figure Work

Top most image below is the second week of a three week session. the three below are false starts from week two...

Finally began this with the red and black charcoal used I use in a
previous post (see below)  
This time I focused more on shapes a color for initial drawing.
This is only brush work for initial drawing, just did not do it for me. 

Resorted to just charcoal drawing and gave up.

The bottom most images above were done on the same panel and then rubbed out.
The top most above image was done on this panel.



Recent Figure Work

Dwelling on the pose well after the model has changed to a new one has proven to be an enjoyable session and I do like the results...

Working back in pose lengths, twenty minute. Black and white charcoal. 

Started as a 5 minute and stretched to 10.

2 minutes stretched to  4-5.

1 minute stretched to 3-5.



Recent Figure Work

A variety of pose lengths.  This go round I used mostly fountain pen with some pencil, sometimes, then the longer poses I employed the Red-Black charcoal pencil and then added white...

One minute poses that I dwelled on for a minute or so after the model changed

2 minute poses that I dwelled on for a minute or so after the model changed
Five minute poses that I dwelled on for a five minutes or so after the model changed

A ten minute pose that I dwelled on for another 10 minute or so after the model changed

Twenty minute pose.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Recent Landscape Activity


Rockin' it Pein-air 

A quick dash up the Turquoise Trail to some rocks I have been scouting.

I stood in full sunlight as was the pallet and art panel.



Dralorint: verb,  Dra-lor'-int. 

Pertaining to landscape painting: simultaneous action of drawing on a canvas with a close proximation of a desired color applied with a paint brush to canvas in the hope of not globing on gobs of muck that no sane person would recognize as the rendition intended.
Today's efforts. The silly wordplay above loosely describes the mindset I went out with today to paint. This go I was more focused on getting color on the brush and then drawing as opposed to a more blocking in approach where soft vague shapes are then refined. I feel as if I did not get as lost in the inevitable gobs of muck that would stop me from continuing in previous attempts. 



A Little Digital on the Side Please  

Studio work on a plein air painting from last year. Began some shadow work to background but when I got to the foreground trees I just could not see it from the forest so I thought to bring a pic of it into an iPad APP so as to define it without mucking up the painting surface.

Original plein air work

Same panel with work done to all areas except foreground trees and sky.  I simplified the composition by removing the mid-ground clump of trees that originally held my attention but created dule initial focus points (artist license 

iPad file with original image layer lightened. I drew on another layer in red to define foreground tree structures and added some shadow definition to be added.  These additions will locate the foreground trees creating more depth.

(more to come)



Size did not matter 

Two recent plain'air pieces done nearby in the Cibola National Forest. I was concerned that working small would prove difficult but was so encouraged by these that I put together a field pack to use for outdoor work (see below). I'll have a go at revising these two so as to get my studio painting gear in order and post the progress.

8x10 on tinted gessoed panel.

8x10 on tinted gessoed panel.

The field pack packed and deployed.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Art Up Date

9/19/19 Accepted To:  True Likeness - Portrait and Figure  exhibit at the New Mexico Art League.   These three figurati...