Friday, July 24, 2009

Figure-ing 7-24-09

The long and short (poses) of it,
Thursday night figure session at RKP Press.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Painting Dust Off

Ok so these paintings have been lurking in the back of the basement (painting studio) long enough. The plan is to get back at them.... this is the first step. The next few... stay tuned.

This one is a bit further along with color blocked in.

The rest are the initial tone over a graphite drawing stage.

The last one is a color study done outdoors

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Figure-ing 7-9-09

Long pose on (top), maybe three 20 min sessions. Shorter one (below) one 20 min session. (click on image for better detail)

Old dog new tricks

I have been learning to use SketchUp mainly because I have clients that think it is really cool. Well it is really cool and fun to use when it doesn't drive you mad. I use several programs and sometimes find myself staring at icons in a tool bar for several seconds as if waiting for a bus to the other side of my brain. This is a work in progress for Green Builder.

Another new client

I was lucky to get a call from and agency in Ohio to do a two page product enhancement piece to be used by a lumber company for placement in Lowes. This is the B side.

New client '09

Part of a one page flyer. New client got from Craigslist. Was a welcome project last winter. Used SketchUp as a starting point then worked it on tracing paper, scanned then painter and photoshop.