Monday, February 29, 2016

Harley process

Harley Process  

I received positive responses to a recent Facebook post of a Harley Davidson I drew for a children's book I have in the works.

Thought I'd show the stages I go through.

T-Nail doodle

SketchUp is a great resource for reference material. You can download almost anything mechanical or structural free from their library.  Download the software first there is a free version as well.  Also a fun program to work with (I did NOT do the bike in SketchUp just downloaded an existing file).

Printed the SketchUp image at about 6x6" and worked over on tracing paper. This was sent with the rest of the images for approval.

Client wanted a more specific bike so they sent some reference photos and I revised and refined in Painter.

Nailed the final line art in Painter.

Added grey washes.  I'll add color washes to this after I bring the rest of the art to this stage.

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