Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ballet Smetch

How to fix a "Smetch"

"Smetch" is how I misspelled sketch in the subject line when I emailed myself the two images below. The misspell sums up the correlation between the two as well.  I never, NEVER, draw on the back of any figure work I have ever done, EVER.  Except this once.  It happened during the Nutmeg Ballet sessions I recently attended and have been posting here as well. I will forever refer to any future double uses as a "Smetch".

BUT, this afforded me an opportunity to do something I have wanted to try since forever.  Work a larger more finished rendition of a quick figure sketch.  

Below the "Smetch" (select image for larger view)

Below the re-rendition. (select image for larger view)

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