Thursday, March 9, 2017

Old Studies

Connecting back to old studies
to determine a new direction

There was a time, 1990 or so ago, that I attempted to gather enough observed moments and work them into paintings. Life intervened and the project shelved, fortunately I saved them. 

I'll be looking for new inspiration in the coming months to add to the possibilities. 

This one is a strong contender. Observed while waiting in a church for the deceased to arrive.
I think this one is too focused on the activity. A patron observing or showing prospective sale or purchase of some art to an antique dealer. 
This one works for me even tho is has a humorous side. Two active boys in hooded snorkel coats snagging some candy.

These two I worked up into larger pastels back in the day. I may have a color slide of the final work, may.
These two I like but are so focused on the individual.

This page was all imagined moments, they seem too narrative to me.

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