Saturday, November 21, 2009

Met work

I have been visiting the Met for the past few years spending the day drawing items from their collection. I choose odd figurines that are as far from the anatomy I am familiar with, by doing so I am forced to focus on the object as I see it not as I know it.

The next two conform to the above and are from a recent trip to the Met.

I Must admit I sought out a seat for the last drawing of the day abandoning the object specific rendering and the 1-2 hours standing. Rodin's The Burghers of Calais has given me trouble in the past when I have tried to draw from it. I think it is because Rodin was less concerned with anatomical accuracy preferring a more impressionistic approach by manipulating the form to achieve his message. With this attempt I tried drawing shapes created by the play of light and shadow, I'm guessing that a similar method was employed by Rodin himself as he worked the clay. The result is a more solid rendition of the bronze.

The following drawings were from previous visits.


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